Sunday, July 8, 2012

Saw wah dee Hey

THANK YOU for your prayers, financial support, and encouragements over the last two months. The team has arrived safely into Chiang Rai, Thailand on Saturday morning. My face has been lit up with a HUGE smile the second we landed and hasn’t gone away since. I feel like a kid in a large candy store amazed at everything. Thailand is colorfully beautiful with nature and waterbeds surrounding every piece of land.

The team is staying at Shalom House. It’s a resort/church 10 minutes walking distance to the school, Maesaipasitsart. This is the school where the team will be teaching over the next two weeks. We got a chance to tour the school, met some of the teachers, and pray.

            Worship was quite an experience this morning at Shalom House. As the congregation worshipped in Thai, our team recognized the songs and sang along in English. Our team was given the opportunity to lead one song, Beautiful One (Phil Wickham). The pastor preached about the growth in Christian suffering. It was a bit distracting with so many translations going on in the room. After service we witness one baptism and ate lunch with the congregation.

            The Thai people have been very welcoming and respectful. The food has been very tasty and spicy. I’m stoked to continue meeting new friends and trying all different types of food. We’re heading to the night bizarre tonight and I’m looking forward to trying a fried chicken hamburger.

            I’m truly blessed to have this opportunity to serve God in Thailand. Please keep our team in prayer that we take every opportunity to build relationships with those we come across. Pray for our preparation for English class tomorrow, we have yet to receive our teaching schedules. 

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  1. fried chicken hamburgers! make sure to find the taiwanese guy selling cakes and AVOID the head cheese from the lady who sells sticky rice!