Thursday, July 12, 2012

God Doing Work

Today was a very tiring but rewarding day.  We were only scheduled to teach three classes but God answered our prayers for more classes by providing us three additional classes!  By the end of school, I was definitely feeling pretty drained but there was no time to rest because God had big things planned for English Corner today.

In English Corner, we started teaching the students a memory verse.  It was “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son” John 3:16a  A lot of students memorized the verse and they were able to recite it to us throughout English Corner.  After teaching them the memory verse, I had the opportunity to share the gospel with the students through the “magic cube” (EvangeCube).  The EvangeCube is a storytelling picture cube that flips and turns to show six pictures that tell the gospel story.  After sharing the story to the students, I asked them to raise their hand if they wanted to know more about Jesus.  I think some were scared to raise their hand in front of everyone so as we moved on to our game outside, one student nicknamed “Mean” (who is actually really nice) pulled aside Esther and asked if she could talk and learn more about Jesus.

Please pray for “Mean” that God would continue to move in her heart.  She comes from a Buddhist background and becoming Christian means that she would be going against everything she was taught growing up.  Please pray that the Holy Spirit would continue to use and speak through us so that we can continue to show love not only to her but also to all the other students.

-Caleb (KK)

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  1. Sweet! I'll be praying for "Mean" and for continued strength for the rest of you guys as you teach lots of classes! Keep up the Lord's good work of spreading His Gospel in Thailand! Thanks for sharing!