Friday, July 20, 2012

Final Hours

Tonight we got to splurge--on dinner! Being our last night on the Mae Sai "Strip," dinner consisted of pad thai, pad see eew, fried chicken hamburgers, 2 white chocolate cakes, spaghetti, sausages, and more. I definitely had to go to the restroom immediately much food!

Besides having super satisfaction tonight, as John said it's been quite a week. And what an interesting day today was. This afternoon when we had come back from the market, we had learned that our resort was still out of electricity and had to pack yet another day-pack to head over to our other hostel. Thank God for Lillian, Peter, and the resort manager for being willing and helping us get quickly arranged and transported from place to place.

Today was also our last official day of English Corner. We had a special Goodbye Party for the students. First we led the 20-some students in song--Jesus is a Friend, Making Melodies, and Swing Low. Then we performed the "Lamb of God" mime. Afterward, Kara shared her testimony with Lillian translating in between. Pray that the students will ponder Kara's words, and that God will place the same sense of peace that Kara witnessed about in their hearts as well. Then we played Over-Under with water. And to end the day, we had a special cheer, group photo, snacks, and more photos.

I am sad (and still can't believe) that yesterday was our last day of teaching, today was our last day being on campus, and tomorrow will be our last day in Thailand--our final chance to live out God's kingdom in front of these students. Where has the time gone!?  This mission seemed like it was a really short short-term missions trip. It all makes me wonder if I did everything I could to be a good witness...did I let God use me in every way possible? Nonetheless, we will leave the seeds that were planted this year and the seeds that grew from last year with Christ and the power of His love and salvation.

Continue to pray for us! John told us to go to sleep early so we won't be grumpy in the morning...we will see how that goes (sorry, John). So pray for a good night's rest so we can be alert for our day tomorrow. TOMORROW IS OUR LAST DAY. Pray pray pray! Goodnight! Cakes, snacks, and manao soda tonight!

PS: I regret agreeing to share a bed with Esther! She's gonna kill me! jk.

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