Monday, July 16, 2012

Praying for opportunities. God is answering.

Team Wolfpack finished our first week teaching at Maesaipasitsart School.  The administration has been a bit disorganized which makes it a challenge, but the kids have been amazing. Our team received less teaching classes than expected, but managed to pick up a few extra classes last week by hanging around the administration office during our down time. This is such a blessing because since day one we have been praying for more opportunities to build relationships with the students and God answered. Our lessons have been combinations of simple introduction questions (“Get to know you” questions), pronunciations (tongue twisters), emotions/moods, and word games. It is difficult to gauge the English proficiency of each class. We have seen juniors/seniors who have lacked basic English proficiency and lower grades who have excelled in it.

            As mentioned, the kids are absolutely wonderful. In the beginning the students were a bit shy and just giggled every time we interacted with them, but have opened up after the first two days. Through basketball, sharing meals/snacks, and English Corner our team has gotten to know a handful of kids in depth. It’s a bit odd that our team is treated or receives reactions from the students similar to a celebrity. Caleb and I have been keeping our swag by cool handshakes and catch phases, but I do pray daily that God will keep our team humble, as it can be a major distraction. We also have seen many doppelgangers here at the school like Cherise Chuck. Our doppelganger count is now at: 9

            Over the weekend our team went up to the mountains to visit two groups of villagers. Esther and I had the opportunity to share our testimonies with the AhKa village community. Pray that our testimonies will have a lasting impact to encourage the AhKa villagers. In addition to sharing testimonies, we played games and built evangelism bracelets with the local children.

            It is Monday night over here in Thailand. Our team started advertising for an Evangelism party/gathering scheduled Saturday morning. Please pray that God will use this event to introduce and bring glory to Him. We have a couple activities planned but are still adding to our program. Please pray that God will be in the forefront of our planning.

            There are so many more stories I would like to share about how God is moving in Thailand but I'm limited due to time. So let me end with a few more prayer requests. Pray that God will continue to give our team boldness to take advantage of every opportunity He presents. We recognized that our time is short and don’t want any of it wasted. Pray for physical health as some team members have been feeling sick. Pray for “Mean” as we have seen God moved through her to accept Christ. Pray for her friends that she has been inviting to English Corner that they will also be moved to call Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior.

            Kup koon krup & Happy Birthday Philly (photo caption: Hey Alisa, Philly is the city of brotherly love, but my heart is only for You! - Joshua Yuan) 


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  1. i have a doppleganger? how funny! :) praying for you all in thailand!!