Friday, July 20, 2012

A Weird Few Days

After the weekend in the Ahka village, we thought the events of the coming week would be as they were the previous one. Hmmm. Not really. 

Some Thai schools, including MoPoSo (for short), are unusual in how they operate. Let's just say there are too many students and not enough teachers. The result is that students are left alone in classrooms to self-regulate during independent study, when teachers have meetings or when teachers are absent. Repeat: students are to self-regulate and be productive in the absence of a teacher. On Wednesday, one of the students invited a few of the team members to sit in on her unattended class. She had gotten permission from the her teacher, who was to be in a meeting. With other students, they sat and talked, not disrupting the norm. Somehow word of our presence in the class got around to the foreign department head and he went ballistic crazy. He said it (very angrily) that it was not right that the team members were were in a science class and were disturbing the students' work time. That put a damper on the day. Despite being invited and doing things correctly, there was still this guilt that we had messed up. 

When we returned from the school that night, we were greeted with candles. Our bungalow-style "resort" was without electricity. No lights, no A/C, no water from the tank-less water heater for showers. For the last two nights (and soon to be three), we've had to pack overnight bags to stay elsewhere. The majority of our luggage still is sitting in our bungalow rooms. We give ourselves a few minutes to pack a few belongings and then we're off to a different hotel. (We haven't vacated the resort because it's too much stuff to move, and there's no present demand for the rooms :)  

Though we've had these weird occurrences, God remains faithful. We could have been told to end our program at the school and leave but that didn't happen. We continued to share about God after school. And with this exodus from our bungalows...we were set up at a nicer, more modern hotel at the expense of the resort management. It's clean, there's plenty of electricity, and it's mosquito free! 

I love the missional adaptability and flexibility of this team. Yes, we've had some weird events and location changes, but the team continues to trust in the Lord without complaint. He's even blessed us this second week with cooler days. 

Please pray for our last and final day here in Thailand. On Saturday (22 July) we host an EV party at the resort for the students (9a-11a). It'll be our final opportunity to reveal the great news of Jesus Christ. Pray for strong attendance on for a Saturday morning, very receptive hearts to the Truth and people would pursue Christ, and we'd not have any difficulties at the resort. Later in the day, at 6pm, we head to the airport for our departure flight. Pray for smooth sailing. 

Thanks for all the prayers. They are being heard and answered by the Father!


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